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 Cube Strike: Global Warfare C20a

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If you like war, FPS or running and shooting action games, Cube Strike: Global Warfare is a fast paced and fun survival game for the ages.

***A Global Threat***
Scientists have worked out a way to open wormholes to different locations in time and universe. After several successful small scale experiments, the government pressures a larger scale examination of the "other side" to extract specimen from a tribe of ancient warriors known for their brutal tactics and fearlessness. They hope to clone this paragon of battle for uses in oversea battles. Upon opening the wormhole, a glitch in the system an unrepeatable hole ripped at the galaxy, glaring and spilling fourth the seeds of ancient and alien races onto the globe...

***Fight Against Deadly Waves Of Enemies***
Your mission is one of crucial sensitivity! As the world is engulfed in a heated war between past, present and future, you must strike out and defend your nation against total annihilation. You must survive three challenging and deadly levels with vast combat arenas offering a selection of perks and weapons. The maps are full of challenges for the elite player, with timed levels, power-ups and hide and seek assaults. Each map increases in difficulty, so stock up on the necessities and brace yourself for all out war.

*Unlock powerful artillery
*Collect ammo and HP
*Simple touch-screen controls for weapons select or hand-to-hand fighting
*Wield: AK47, MP5, Shotgun, M4, Light Saber, M1911, Katana

*Survival combat
*Game tips between levels
*Overcome timed warfare
*Utilize your entity map
*Three unique and treacherous landscapes
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