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Muffin a small round or oval pastry mostly sweet which includes a variety of fillings including fruit. It looks like cupcakes. Usually the muffin is placed in the palm of an adult person. You can also highlight muffins made from corn flour. In the muffin are added such products as blueberries chocolate chips raspberries cinnamon pumpkin nuts banana orange peach strawberries carrots lemon etc.

There are several stories about the origin of the name muffin. In one of them the word muffin came to Great Britain in the 11th century from the French word moufflet which means soft bread . Another story connects this word with the German muffe one of the types of bread.

In the United States muffins were imported from the UK by immigrants. We know the name of Samuel Thomas who in 1880 opened a bakery Muffin House in New York. Popularity in the US muffins purchased after their sales at the World Exhibition in Chicago in 1893.

Muffins apparently looked like small cakes as a variant of corn bread. The forefathers of today's muffins were less sweet and certainly did not have so many varieties. Since they could be baked quickly and simply they soon began to prepare for breakfast as fast and practical food. But due to the fact that the muffins quickly stale on sale they began to appear not earlier than the middle of the XX century. Recipes at that time were limited to the use of several grains and several additives.

In the 1950s, mixtures for baking muffins from companies such as Spacey's and Cadbury were on sale. In the 60's there were attempts to identify the muffin with donuts in connection with the possibilities of developing food franchising business. Began to create a network of restaurants such as coffee houses offering various types of muffins. Such networks were predominantly regional. For example, The Pewter Pot in southern New England. In the US, this kind of business was not recorded at the national level but Australia's Muffin Break spread to New Zealand and the UK.

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