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 Cute Girl Stickers 1.5


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Sometimes trying to express an idea, emotion, reaction, feeling or an expression is not an easy task. A photo could be a solution but, now think about, when you're about to sleep, or you are just waking up.

Well, in these situations you could use a Sticker, this pack is perfect for that, it has a wide variety of emotions, faces, reactions, expressions you could use and feel good about it.

Even when you are about to explode in anger, there is a cute face for that!

There's no excuse not to be cute in iMessage! (Of course you're cute as you are, no need of Stickers, but if you decide to use them, this is the one!)

Emotions, feelings, expressions, kawaii faces in this pack:

* Happy
* Smile
* Sad
* Cry
* Love
* Listening music
* Surprised
* Angry
* Kissing, kisses
* Sunglasses
* Coffe
* Doubtful
* Reading
* Cool
* Blushed
* Wink
* Joy
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