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✌ You see them everywhere around the internet; those fun little “moving images” that are so simple, and small yet so expressive, and often hilarious. That's right, we're talking about gifs, and the ☻ Cute Video Maker with Stickers ☻ helps you create your personal “custom gif”! Just take a bunch of photos in a row, and connect them together using this “gif app”! You will become a “gif creator” in no time at all! Turn your crazy, creative ideas into reality by transforming them into an “animated gif”! To spice it up even more, this awesome application also offers a collection of “gif stickers” for further decoration! You've got nothing to lose! Just tap on that Download button, and get your ☻ Cute Video Maker with Stickers ☻ for free!

The characteristics of this cool “photo editor”
⇨ Create your personal “funny gifs” with no professional help whatsoever!
⇨ Use the incredibly fun “video sticker” collection to further embellish your animation!
⇨ Completely free of charge, and fairly easy to use!
⇨ Utilize the photos you already have in your gallery, or just take brand new ones!
⇨ Up to 10 photos you can join together, and make them move!
⇨ Choose the automatic snap option to make your camera take pictures every couple of seconds!
⇨ Decide which set you want to turn into a mini-video!
⇨ Create the illusion of an animation in an instant!

✌ You probably had some insanely fun ideas with your friends to turn a sequence of photos, but unfortunately, you lacked a good “animation maker” to realize them. Well now, there is finally an efficient way to “make a gif from photos”, and it's as easy as pie! It's a “photo video” program that allows you full creativity! Imagine all the possibilities...You can get together with your friends, simulate a really cool fight between you. Another suggestion – you can make it a longer process by taking a selfie every time you change your hair. Then you'll have a single moving picture with all your different haircuts! Or, if you just started exercising, and want to lose weight, you can take a photo every day, and you will turn your gif into an amazing transformation monitor! You will see how you changed over time, and be proud of yourself because of how far you've come! Just let your imagination run wild, and let this “movie creator” convert your concept into a real thing!
✌ This “gif editor” is so addictive you won't be able to stop making gifs! The ☻ Cute Video Maker with Stickers ☻ is a cool “gif camera” that you can impress your friends with! Make a creative enough gif, and if you are proud of your masterpiece, then share it to social media! Your friends and followers are guaranteed to be impressed by how fantastic your photo editing skills are! They might be jealous of your ability to make something like that, but no worries! You know where to direct them if they ask you how you did that. You can all get together, and have a little contest among you. The most creative creation gets free drinks from everyone else! Everything is more fun when a reward is involved! It will raise the stakes, but also push you to improve your skills to perfection!
✌ You want a “cute gif” to send to your boyfriend or girlfriend, and make their heart melt? The ☻ Cute Video Maker with Stickers ☻ is just the right application for that! So, download now, and let's see how GIFted you are!
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