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Travel around the futuristic world and challenge technology!

The development of technology does not always benefit humanity. This is fully confirmed in this game. You have to act as a cyborg, whose goal is to stop an international criminal-hacker who manipulates people at a distance with the help of the latest technical devices. Your robotic heroine, perfectly mastering arms and martial arts, must find the cyberpunk 2077 villain's den and end his crimes! Come out on the rainy streets, lit by neon signs, and fight with evil!

The game takes place in a megacity in the distant future. Technologies in this period have evolved to such an extent that each person is already able to implant cybernetic implants for themselves to increase strength, dexterity, work of thought and other qualities. It would seem that this is a huge step for the development of mankind. But there was a villain who found a way to use these technologies for his own purposes. This computer evil genius has learned to crack the cyberpunk microcircuits of robotic implants at a distance, to subordinate the will of people and force them to commit crimes instead of themselves. Catch or even get on the trail of this criminal titanium police can not. And then the authorities turn for help to a detective girl whose mind exists in a completely cybernetic body that she needed to survive after the fatal injuries. This lady often provided invaluable assistance to the police. She masterfully owns any weapon, and the robotic body makes her stronger than an ordinary person. Help the synthwave heroine stop the computer criminal!

You have to play the role of a brave cyber girl and hunt down a villain! To do this, you have to scour the futuristic streets, mining the right information and fighting with enemies. On your way regularly will come across the henchmen of the main villain, in the fights with which you have to sweat! Use firearms and bladed weapons, as well as melee combat techniques to combat enemies. The combat system will allow you to perform spectacular combinations of punches, so during the fight you will not be bored for sure! Also, much attention will have to be given to dialogues with other heroes. Getting out of the conversation with each of them a grain of information, over time, you can add a complete picture and find a way to the lair of the sinister cybercriminal!

Defeat the forces of evil in this exciting cyberpunk adventure!
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