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Dangdut Koplo Road Show: The Game

Invites you to play games in different ways, there are popular and legendary dangdut singers
who are they??? yes there is Rido Rhoma, Nassar Fahad Ahmad Sungkar, Ayu ting ting, Via Vallen, Rhoma Irama the legendary dangdut of course there is also at the Dangdut Games Koplo Road Show.

Dangdut koplo is a sub-stream in Dangdut music. With the characteristic rhythm that stomping from the drum. This flow is popularized by Malay orchestras or simply abbreviated as OM. This music group dominated the stage of the people, especially in Java, more specifically in the areas of East Java and Central Java and even West Java.
Dangdut is one of the popular Indonesian traditional music genres that have Hindustani (Indian), Malay, and Arabic elements. Dangdut is characterized by the blast of tabla (Indian percussion instruments) and drums. Dangdut is also heavily influenced from classical Indian music songs and Bollywood.

In the era of the 2000s along with the saturation of the original dangdut music, then at the beginning of this era of musicians in the East Java region in the coastal region of Pantura began to develop a new type of music dangdut called koplo music. Kaglo music is a mutation of dangdut music after the era of Congdut (Dangdut Campursari), which is increasingly thicker traditional rhythms coupled with the entry of musical elements kendang kempul which is the art of music from Banyuwangi (East Java) and other traditional rhythms such as jaranan and gamelan.
His history, dangdut influenced Indian music through Bollywood film by Ellya Khadam with the song "The Indian Doll", and last born as Dangdut in 1968 with the main character Rhoma Irama. In the evolution to the contemporary form, it now enters the influence of elements of Indian music (mainly from the use of tabla) and Arabic
(on crooked and harmonized). Changes in Indonesian political currents in the late 1960s opened the influx of strong western music with the introduction of the use of electric guitars as well as their marketing forms. Since the 1970s dangdut may be said to have matured in its contemporary form. As a popular music, dangdut is very open to the influence of other musical forms, ranging from keroncong, styles, degung, gambus, rock, pop, even house music.

Gameplay on Dangdut Road Show You must play your favorite Dangdut Singer Player to the Stage safely and on time, avoid the fans who chase your favorite Dangdut Singers to come on stage in time to avoid some of the obstacles on each level, you can pass Fans with get Radio Dangdut where you can pass the fans without having to sign the Fans while you run to the stage, At the Dangdut Games Koplo Road Show is a collection of Characters Dangdut singers are phenomenal Rido Rhoma, Nassar Fahad Ahmad Sungkar, Ayu ting ting, Via Vallen, King dangdut Rhoma Irama, future will be added Characters other dangdut singers such as sera, monata, pallapa, mother rita, nella kharisma, and others. You can Unlock the characters on the Dangdut Koplo Road Show Games by collecting the Point Mic in each level.
Hopefully entertaining and rewarding for you all yuk wait let alone Download and play!

-There is a phenomenal singer Character (Rido Rhoma, Nassar Fahad Ahmad Sungkar, Ayu ting ting, Via Vallen, and Raja dangdut Rhoma)
-HD Icon and simple UI
-There is a Leaderboard score
-There is 10 Level world
-Can run on Mobile tablet
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