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◇◇You can enjoy this game until the end, for free!! ◇◇
◇◇This App Drama takes on the theme of the Cthulhu Mythos!!◇◇
◇◇You are the heroine! You get to experience a romance with deities in a world based on the Cthulhu Mythos!◇◇

You lived an ordinary life.
One day, the city you live in is enveloped in flames and someone tries to kill you!
Just as you are cornered into a near death situation, the Elder Gods from the Cthulhu Mythos appear before you.
They tell you they want you to lend them your strength and go on a journey to seal the Elder God of Cosmic Evil—Cthugha.
You resolve yourself to go on this journey to seal Cthugha in order to save humanity and exact revenge for your parents’ murder.

Height: 182cm
Nyarlathotep is an Outer God who grudgingly lends you his strength in order to defeat his arch-enemy Cthugha.
Cthugha and Nyarlathotep have fought since the dawn of humanity.
He’s prideful and thinks himself best at everything and anything.
Nyarlathotep is pushy and has clearly defined likes and dislikes.
His skill is reading minds.

Height: 177cm
Yog is a serious Outer God who earnestly works toward fulfilling his mission.
He lends you his strength per Asathoth’s order.
Since he was born he has fulfilled his role as guardian key to the gates.
As such, he is very devoted to accomplishing any mission.
Being a God of the earth has made him enemies with Cthugha since long ago.

Height: 185cm
Niggurath is a gentle and pacifistic Elder God.
He lends you his strength per Asathoth’s order.
He has spent his life avoiding conflict to the best of his ability.
However, he does wish for everyone to live in peace.
The Father of the Wood is one of his many names.
His personality is calm, but he also has a tendency to do things at his own pace.
Enemies with Cthugha.

Height: 175cm
Cthugha is the mastermind behind the scheme to destroy the world.
In the past he was betrayed by humans, causing his intense hatred of them.
He’s Nyarlathotep arch-enemy.
He usually speaks politely and acts like a gentleman, but is coldhearted and cruel at his core.
He hates having any bonds with others and takes pleasure in crushing them.

You can choose from a variety of characters based on your preferences!

■■Recommended for the Following People:
“Darkness Myth” is recommended for those of you who:
Love movies, dramas, manga, anime, or novels with romance as the main theme.
Love Cthulhu Myth.
Want to enjoy the youth of your school days.
Want to experience foreign culture.
Are interested in romance games, but don’t do well with things that are too otaku-like.
Love romance games, games about love, otome games, and Romantic Drama Apps.
Want to enjoy a full-length story.

This game is written so that men and women can enjoy it!!
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