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 Death Starting in Real World 1.0

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Survival in the real world!

Death is only the beginning. Dangerous monsters are stranding of the real world and only you can stop the coming end of the world. Stand up to protect the life line with your smartphone. Use the camera in the phone to see the other world and keep coming in search of monsters, which they call stranding. Be in an alien world, where survival is the basis of everything. Find in the real world of stranding and destroy them, using a suitable weapon from a wide range. Face the incarnations of death and do not run from danger if you want to keep the line life in continuity. When the world around is crazy, you can only put on yourself and your survival skills. Learn the other world and find new opportunities for your own survival. Stay away from the stranding to stay in the battle for as long as possible. Follow the indicator of your life line and fight for your own future. In a world full of dangers and death, only the best can complete its mission of saving the world from the invasion of the most dangerous monsters. Always remember the death monsters thrown ashore, that they have nothing to lose and they will continue to move in any situation, pursuing their own dangerous goals. Perfection to perfection your survival skills in this other world and become a living legend of this place. Bring hope to this desolate world and restore the ragged line life. If you want to survive in this dangerous place, you will have to become a real warrior and the embodiment of life, because only life can conquer death in a world where any hope is lost. Look around, prepare for danger and keep coming to live.

* Keep coming in the real world
* Realistic survival
* Stranding in the Otherworld
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