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The Decimal to Fraction calculator converts a decimal to fraction or fraction to decimal. The premium version includes repeating decimals both to and from decimal and fraction conversion. While inputting fractions the app can detect a recurring decimal up to the 9 millionth decimal position and displays results (premium upgrade) to an inch scale (not to actual size) that is marked at the 32nd of an inch. And also now supports negative input on numerator and denominator inputs.

Free version:

• Convert a decimal to fraction.
• Convert a fraction to decimal.
• Evaluates your entered fraction to show you whether it is Proper, Improper, Not Simplified, or Improper & Not Simplified.

• Free mode decimal input range:

Free mode while in fractions does not denote or terminate recurring decimal values for a true fraction to decimal conversion but gives a rounded decimal value while in fraction mode up to the 15th decimal position max.

• Clicking the repeating decimal button or the 'Done' button on the number keypad after entering the numerator and denominator input or decimal 'Done' button displays a Snackbar popup to initiate Premium version purchase while operating in free mode. Or from the menu drop down select the 'Upgrade' menu item.

Premium version:

• The app now performs basic calculations + - x ÷

• Added negative value support on numerator and denominator inputs
• Now includes selectable evaluation radio buttons while in fraction input mode.
• Added Increasing equivalent fractions on 'Not simplified' and 'Improper & Not Simplified' radio buttons clicks

• 1-1-2017:

• Default recurring decimal settings:
Secondary View=10,000 Detection=1,000,000

• The app quickly displays a recurring decimal value while working with fractions. The primary display will show an eclipsed decimal if the length is greater than the 17 position. (anything after is really only trivial). Default settings will show a recurring decimal up to the 10,000th decimal value in the secondary view (customizable from 17 to 9,000,000 max (I recommend to set the secondary display to less than 500,000)). I've done and scrolled through 4.5+ million. It takes very long while and my finger was sore after scrolling. The test fraction was 1/9111083 :)

For reference: Detection time of the 1/9111083 fraction is a "4-one-thousand" count on my old S5 device with view set at 10,000 and detection set at 9 million.

• Recurring detection is customizable also. The app can detect recurrence up to the 9,000,000th decimal position.

• It will display a total decimal length and position the recurring decimal starts at in the title bar as .## = 149 ṝ = 2 Which means that the total decimal length is 149 decimals long (which includes the non-repeating part) and the recurring part starts at position 2. And has a secondary decimal value screen that is also customizable to view the returned repeating decimal on a vertical scrolling screen by clicking the magnifying glass.

• The premium version will simplify, reduce and break down fractions to a mixed number with displayed GCD info by clicking the 'Done' button when inside the denominator while in 32nds mode.

• Capable of inputting repeating decimals using the repeat button to the right of the Decimal input line. Repeating decimals are displayed as green decimal numbers when activated.

• Displays a 1 inch scale (not to actual size) that updates itself as you input your values (either decimal or fraction). For both negative (increase left) and positive (increase right) input.

The scale is marked at the 32nds to let you decide what nearest fraction works best for your measurements and has a displayed accuracy of ~.001

• Removes all Ads

• Premium decimal input range:
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