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Dejavu (Deja vu) Typing Software allows you to type words or phrases in an abbreviated manner with the help of a dictionary and your previous typed document. You will have a lot more freedom after you use Dejavu shorthand typing software: freedom from memorizing long words, and freedom from typing too many words.

Deja vu is a shorthand typing software that allows you to type words or phrases in an abbreviated manner with the help of a dictionary and your own typed document. D嶴? vu would be great for typing vaguely remembered words, long words, and frequently typed phrases. Such typing assistance comes very handy on smart devices. These revolutionary features of Deja vu have received patents from many countries.
A Youtube demo is in the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SqSBLMP7aSg.

abbreviated word typing
Abbreviated word typing What's "bucy"? President George "Bush"? No, that's how I type "bureaucracy" using Deja vu. Just type a few alphabets in order (subsequence), then the desired word would pop up as a candidate. Usually, type the first letter, followed by the first consonant of each syllable would extract the desired word. Examples: type "cgtl" to get "congratulations" and type "dfct" will get "difficulty." Sometimes, including some not-so-frequent alphabets in a word, such as w, x, y, z, would greatly increase the chance for this word to pop up on top. For extremely long words, such as "deoxyribonucleic", type "dxy" would do since few words share "dxy".
Another advantage of subsequence typing over the prefix typing is that the user can easily get the correct suffix. For example, when the user type "consider" using , say "csd", then by adding one more alphabet, "s", "d", "g", the user will likely get "considers", "considered", "considering", respectively among the top candidates.
We will gradually put forth special domain dictionaries, such as biology, and medical science, to reduce the burden of typing these long and difficult words. We will also make it easier for corporates to add their own dictionaries in the future.

phrase typinng
Deja vu inserts a "space" following every candidate you selected to speed up the typing of the next word. If you don't need this extra "space", simply press "return" to eliminate it.
For your convenience, Deja vu automatically provides a list of terms that follow the previously typed word either from system dictionary or from user's text. For instance, after typing the word "get" and a space, a list consisting of terms like "into", "back", "on" that frequently appears after "get" will be shown for selection. Such a design makes it effortless to input any phrase you have typed previously. For example, supposing you have typed "It is my great pleasure to invite ...," the next time you try to type the same phrase Deja vu will remind you by showing "It" followed by "is," followed by "my," followed by "great," by "pleasure," by "to," and by "invite." So, after the initial typing of "It," the rest can be retrieved through a sequence of candidate selection without further typing.
There is no need to "construct" a user dictionary or to "remember" anything. As long as you have typed a word or phrase before, Deja vu automatically learns it and reproduces it when you type a subsequence of it.

abbreviated phrase typing
Next, let's demonstrate Abbreviated phrase typing I can type "pt sq" to get "protein sequence", my frequently typed phrase that Deja vu automatically learns. If you are bored of typing "It is my great pleasure to invite ..." over and over again, Deja vu allows you to retrieve it through typing the first letter of each word "i i g p t i". You can further speed it up by typing an abbreviated capitalized letters, such as "IGPI" to retrieve the same phrase. Just remember to include the first letters of the first and the last words.
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