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The »Der Die Das App« allows you to learn German vocabulary and the proper German articles in a playful manner at no charge. Frequent repetitions make it easy to memorize the articles - conveniently from your couch or whilst on the go. You learn how to pick the right article with simple article exercises.

Having fun is the best way to learn and ensures a successful learning process. That is why the app Der Die Das relies on a simple, playful principle instead of complicated procedures with a dry set of rules.
Frequent repetitions make it easy to memorize the articles - conveniently from your couch or whilst on the go. That’s how you are getting a feel for the right article!

As soon as the game starts, a German word shows up and it is your turn to pick a German article - either Der, Die or Das. Unlike other Der Die Das apps, this one offers an additional image of the term and the German word will be read out loud on demand. This can be of help if you are not acquainted with the term because that way you learn the correct article as well as the German word. Learning articles has never been so easy.

- Easy learning on the go
- Playfully learning the articles Der Die Das
- Learn the most common German words as well as articles at no charge
- Every article exercise includes an image & read-aloud function
- Plain and easy surface
- The app supports (assistance for German articles, German vocabulary) English, French, Italian, Spanish and Standard Arabic
- Understanding Der Die Das grammar
- Internalizing the rules of Der Die Das

Our mobile reference handbook includes more than 25.000 words and helps you find the right article at all times!

The terms can be read out after selecting the correct article. More than 25.000 words can be read out from the reference book!

The Standard Arabic version as well as future versions will remain free of charge!

Learn German in a playful way -
Learn and practice German articles and German vocabulary!

German is not an easy language to learn. The clear distinction between Der Die Das can be of particular difficulty due to the lack of article grammar rules. The challenge does not only lie in the the lack of article rules, but also in the amount of German articles. The best way to internalize article grammar is article exercise. The learning app Der Die Das Articles offers you the
best article exercises. It includes German vocabulary alongside matching images which help you to internalize the correct German article.
The app Der Die Das not only offers exercises for German articles, you can also learn the German vocabulary. By regularly repeating the article exercises in our Der Die Das app, you will no longer be annoyed by the lack of article rules. Download the Der Die Das app and you will become an expert on German articles.
The app Der Die Das contains 300 of the most significant German words. Der Die Das app is free of charge. The article exercises will keep you busy along the way or on the move.

Vielen Dank an, thanks to: , Aline, Julia, Lena, Luana, Bettie, Francesca, Wael, Ramiro, Alejo
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