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The Dharma ME (Mentor Edition) is for mentors who are qualified to conduct DharmaLife programs for clients. To access this product you or your employer needs to have signed the DharmaLife partnership agreement and currently either undergoing the DharmaLife Mentor Training program or have successfully graduated from the DharmaLife Mentor Training program.

If you are enrolled in the DharmaLife program as a client, then this is not the app you should download. Instead, download the DharmaLife app, which can also be found in the Play Store.

DharmaME requires a user name and password to access the functionality of the app and most probably you would have been given this information. If not, you can request this information from your manager and/or your contact at Dharma Life Sciences LLC.

The user name and password will be valid only for one device concurrently and so, you are limited to using it only for that device. If you need to change to a newer device, you can go ahead and install it in a new device. The app in the old device will then stop working.

We wish you luck in helping our clients succeed in achieving their goals with the DharmaLife program.
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