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 Dinosaur City Simulation 1.1.2

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Want to live a prehistoric life as a dinosaur for once? Want to try killing people and be a dictator and conquer of dinosaur city in dinosaur city simulation games by attacking wild animals in the wild city.

Witness a fierce simulator destruction battle between dinosaur and animals in the dinosaur game located in the dinosaur city.

You as a dinosaur in the dinosaur city simulation games will hunt down wild animals like fox, hippo, zebra, wolf and many others because they are creating problems for you, show your rage by destroying buildings and everything in the city.

You are one of the many, fierce dinosaur in this dinosaur game as a dinosaur simulator who goes out in the dinosaur city simulator games. You will attack the dinosaur world and the people and crazy wild city animals with the dino attack. Dinosaur city simulation is a simulator game where dino sim is free in the city. The dinosaur has to discover the dinosaur city and hunt the crazy wild animal simulator creating trouble and destruction for you. This dinosaur city simulation game is best for your action filled heart. Download the dinosaur city simulation games for an adventure in the dinosaur city dinosaur game simulation.

This simulator dinosaur game acts as war ground where the dinosaur hunts for the prey. As a dinosaur simulator find yourself the animal, your prey, from the navigation tool on the screen in the simulator games then make way to the red spot on navigation tool to find wild animal simulator. Press bite key to damage the animal simulator, hit them and kill them with dino attack and keep biting till their health bar ends in the dinosaur city simulation games.

You can harm the people of the dinosaur city and you can also destroy cars, buildings and other things on the road. You have to kill wildgame animals and make the dinosaur world peaceful again in the dinosaur city simulation games.
Kill them all and be a successful warrior dinosaur. Be careful because enemy simulator are wild animals too.

How to Play Dinosaur City Simulation:

🎃 Select one of the dinosaur from dinosaur species from different dinosaur family
🎃 Start the game in the jungle of the dinosaur world then head towards the dinosaur
🎃 Destroy everything on the roads like cars, streetlights etc.
🎃 You can eat people by selecting attack icon on screen.
🎃 Find the crazy animals through on screen navigator.
🎃 Follow the animal simulator with help of the navigator on screen
🎃 To kill crazy animals bit them with attack button and bite them till their health bar
🎃 Win each level by killing the provided animal simulator in each level.
🎃 Succeed to next round/level by killing first enemy.
🎃 Fight before your health bar finishes or your dinosaur will die

Features of Dinosaur City Simulation:

🎃 10 levels.
🎃 5 dinosaurs species
🎃 Different animal simulator enemies in each level.
🎃 Different targets
🎃 City structure and thrilling environment
🎃 Enemy animals
🎃 10 crazy wild animal enemy simulators.
🎃 3D simulator city setup
🎃 3D simulator animals
🎃 3D simulator dinosaur

Fight the target number of wild animals given in the game before your health bar finishes or you will end being dead and lose the dinosaur city simulation! You will destroy everything when you touch it so be careful of breaking things that are not meant to be broken and don’t kill the citizens.

Download dinosaur city simulation games now and give yourself a thrill of life!
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