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Diphthongs and Hiatus –Spanish Games

Your children will have a great time practising this educational game that combines perfectly well learning and fun. Have fun while you revise the adverbial expressions, homonymous words, literary texts and plenty more.

This spanish grammar game contains fun and simple challenges to make them real word geniuses. The application Diphthongs and Hiatus has help or cheat-sheets to advance and achieve successfully the 4 levels the game is organised in. When you finish, a 5º secret, even more fun level waits for them.

Let's test your skill! The aim is to achieve that the frog crosses the river without falling in the water, choosing the correct answer. Make it jump from one trunk to the other, but, be careful! Some of them are fake and you can drown.

Spelling game is a revision game designed by pedagogues and helps children practice the following content:

What activities do they revise?

- Adverbial Expressions
- Diphthongs
- Hiatus
- Homonymous words
- Metaphors

If you like Diphthongs and Hiatus you can continue learning Spanish in the most fun way with the game The Determinants and Punctuation Symbols.

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All our games for Primary School adapt to the learning pace of each child due to the 3 difficulty levels: easy, intermediate and hard.

However, that's not all! Our games include a gamification reward system based on medals and trophies providing more motivation and interest for the little ones. Let's go for the gold medal!

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