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Dirty Phrases is the filthy, dirty word and phrase guessing, adult party game you’ll have fun playing with your group of friends anywhere (drinking, pub, bar, pregame, road trip, party, board game night, bachelor party, stag party, bachelorette party, etc...)!!

It’s simple and a super fun frenzy. Give clues to get your group of friends (or roommates or relatives) to guess as many dirty adult themed secret phrases as possible in 90 seconds but no one (not the clue giver, not your guessing friends) is allowed to say the taboo words (if you catch them guess one, give them a heads up they are wrong by buzzing them with the buzzer)!

- PARTY GAME - Turn everyday hanging out with a group of friends (chilling, pregame before drinking at a bar or pub, on a road trip in a car, when you are bored, board game night, bachelorette party, etc...) into a filthy hysterical frenzy of a fun time!
- 2+ PLAYERS - You can play heads up against just one friend (it’s a great roomie game) or as large group guessing game frenzy (like at a bachelor or bachelorette party, or a bar game or pub game) with everyone trying to guess the phrase
- ADULT THEMED - This dirty adult party game is not child board game night appropriate, it's filled to the brim with hilariously dirty words and phrases for you to guess, most of which are so filthy we can’t include them in this description. Check out urban dictionary if you want a heads up on what words and phrases are included. Similar to dirty trivia, but more filthy.
- WORD GUESSING - In the same genre as heads up, taboo, charades or catch phrase but with an added twist that *no one*, not the clue giver or the guessers, can say the censored words or phrases while trying to guess the secret word (and a lot dirtier words than traditional charades)
- PLAY ANYTIME - It’s quick to play at 90 second rounds and always with you, so no need to give your friends heads up or advance notice. And people don't need to see the clue giver's forehead like in charades or heads up, so you can play as a roadtripper while in the car on a road trip, as a pregame before a night out, as a drinking game at a bar or pub, as a party game frenzy, at a bachelorette party, bachelor party, or filler game on board game night or anywhere else (as long as it's only adults)!
- AWESOME BUZZER - When you give a taboo clue or your catch your group of friends messing up and guessing a taboo word you give them a heads up by buzzing the outrageous buzzer

Download now if you want to supercharge your next board game night (or whenever you are hanging out with a group of friends) with "Censored: adult party game + dirty phrase guessing" for a hilariously dirty frenzy of a time!


IMPORTANT NOTE: Heads up, in case you haven't gotten the clue yet, this group party game is dirty, filthy, spicy and meant only for adults. It is filled to the brim with alcohol (drinking, bar, pub, etc...) related words + phrases, sex related words + phrases, filthy (swear, dirty, bad, cuss, curse, etc...) related words + phrases that many people will find taboo. It is not typical family charades and is not appropriate for children or a young family board game nights, it is meant for things like bachelor party game, bachelorette party game, adult roadtrip game, pub game, drinking game, college roomies, etc... please only install if you are comfortable with that (and want a forehead ache explaining all these dirty words and phrases) and don't say we didn't give you a heads up!
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