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☺ Are you tired of those prying eyes just waiting for a moment when they can “unlock your phone”? Well, now you can mess around with them using the ✖ Don't Touch My Phone Password ✖ app! This “funny lock screen” will surely make them very angry with phrases like “haha you don t know my password” reminding them that your device is an impenetrable fortress. They will never be encouraged to try to break into your phone again. Once this “don t touch my phone app” is installed on your device, intruders will die of embarrassment! Go on and download the ✖ Don't Touch My Phone Password ✖, the best “app lock” software there is! There may be many “cool lock screens”, but not as cool as this one!


How to set up your brand new “lock screen backgrounds”:
1. Open the application by clicking on it;
2. Enable the lock screen by checking that option;
3. Choose a password you want;
4. Enjoy the new look of your applock theme!

This awesome “phone locker” boasts:
⇨ A large number of “funny wallpapers” with signs like 'it's locked for a reason' to keep the spies away!
⇨ Self-activation on startup of your device!
⇨ Maximum “keypad lock screen” customization!
⇨ Choosing your favorite lock screen wallpaper, and setting it up as your background image;
⇨ Viewing a preview of your potential new look for free before actually applying it!
⇨ Using phone protection app with no struggle at all with a simple interface!


☺ We love our friends, but we all have that one friend who's way too inquisitive, and really wants to know everything. Now, with this “lock screen wallpaper”, they won't know anything about your phone if you don't let them. The ✖ Don't Touch My Phone Password ✖ can really teach them a lesson when it comes to sticking their nose in other people's business. When there is a big sign that says “stop looking at my phone” all over your screen lock, they just might start feeling ashamed of themselves a bit. This is a good way for them to learn that private stuff should stay private! If someone really wants to share something with them, they will tell them themselves!

☺ Joking aside, this “lock screen theme” has a very advanced security system behind it. All these cool and funny background images are there for a reason – it really is nearly impossible to get through the security lock when you set it up! Just choose a lock code, and this “app lock with password” will protect you at all costs! We would advise you to choose a longer one, preferably one that has a combination of numbers, letters, and other symbols in it. The longer it is, and the more complicated it is the harder it will be for potential hackers to crack it. So, just install the best security system for mobile devices, and you can rest assured everything will be in complete order!

☺ In a sea of “funny apps” all over the internet, the ✖ Don't Touch My Phone Password ✖ is the most amusing one among lockscreen apps. So don't wait around for someone to take your phone, and access all your personal data! Tap on that Download button, and watch the disappointment on intruders' faces! The most efficient ways to deal with all the keyhole Kates is to make them turn red-faced with embarrassment! It's a humorous software for everyone that wants to save their privacy!
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