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Yantra literally means "instrument". it is a geometric design acting as a highly efficient tool for contemplation, concentration and meditation. it carry spiritual significance, and point the user to higher levels of consciousness.
Yantras are usually designed so that the eye is carried into the center, and very often they are symmetrical. They can be drawn on paper, wood, metal, or earth, or they can be three-dimensional.
It is a symbol of the entire cosmos that serves to remind the practitioner of the non-difference between subject and object.
Yantra may be used to represent the astronomical position of the planets over a given date and time. It is considered auspicious in Hindu mythology. These are made up on various objects i.e. Paper, Precious stones, Metal Plates and alloys. It is believed that constantly concentrating on the representation helps to build fortunes, as planets have their peculiar gravity which governs basic emotions and karma. These are often made on a particular date and time according to procedures defined in the vedas.

They are categorized accordingly: wealth yantras for protection, for health, for education, for success in business, for early marriage, for love and attraction, for removal and protection of black magic, evil eyes and negativity, for luck and prosperity, for spiritual advancement.

यंत्र में वास्तुमंडल में निवास करने वाले देवतओं को स्थान दिया गया है। घर में पूजा के समय पर वास्तुदोष नाशक यंत्र का भी पूजन किया जाना चाहिए। । जिसके लिए किसी शुभ मूहुर्त में वास्तुदोष नाशक यंत्र घर ले आएं।

वास्तु दोष को खत्म करने के लिए शास्त्रों में एक बेहद आसान उपाय के बारें में बताया गया है जो है वास्तु दोष निवारक यंत्र की स्थापना और पूजा करना।

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