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DOTS & BOXES is completely Free. If you love games like Chess, Checkers, Backgammon and other challenging pastimes of strategy and intelligence, you will love Dots & Boxes.

The classic Dots and Boxes game to remember childhood. Also known as Dots and Boxes, Boxes, Squares, Paddocks, Square-it, Dots and Dashes, Dots, Smart Dots, Dot Boxing, ou Dot Game.

Dots & Boxes is the most feature-rich and challenging implementation of the classic Dots & Boxes game on Google Play. It is easy to play. Just long press on a dot, drag to any of the available dots and release to make your move.

This game is fully equipped with google game service turn-based multiplayer technology, so start a match with random users or invite your google plus friends for a match. Multiplayer matches are turn-based, so you don’t have to stay online for the whole match, just make your move when you got free time, you will be notified when your opponent makes a move. Earn coins for each match you win; don’t worry you will get LOSE BONUS also if you lose.

Or you can play against our awesome computer AI in Easy, Normal, Medium and Hard mode. Dots & Boxes offers very challenging Artificial Intelligence as well as many other features.


1) Play against random google plus users or invite your google plus friends for a turn-based multiplayer match.

2) Quick notification alert when your opponent play’s a move or your friend invites you for a turned-based match.

3) Separate sections for “Your Turn”, “Opponent’s Turn”, “Complete Matches” and “Invitations”. So you don’t get confused if you have lots of active games.

4) Use hint if you are out of thoughts. They are not free in multiplayer matches, so use them wisely.

5) Four AI difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, Medium and Hard. The AI is well designed with each next level being a bit harder than the previous level.

6) No entry fee or limitation of hint’s in AI matches. Use many hint’s as you want in a AI game.

7) Multiple board sizes, from 3x3 dots to 21x21. AI mode and multiplayer modes uses different boards.

8) Ability to pinch to zoom the board where dots are so small. So you don’t have to face any difficulty while touching a dot. Just pinch to zoom, and make your moves easily.

9) Ability to choose your match avatar from 10+ avatar images.

10) Detailed statistics of you and your opponent.

11) World leader-board and 40+ achievements to complete.

***** HOW TO PLAY *****

* The goal in the Dots & Boxes game is to always close the square.
* At each round, a player chooses where to draw a line between two adjacent dots.
* The player scores a point when he closes a square, in which case he continues to play.
* When you invite your google plus friend for a turn-based multiplayer match, you need to play the first move, otherwise your friend will not get any invitations.
* When you start a turn-based match, entry fee associated with that grid will automatically deduct from your coin balance. If no one joins your game or if your friend declines your match invitation, then you can easily delete the game and get your entry fee back.
* When your opponent finishes a match, then you have to acknowledge the game by clicking on the acknowledge button. Otherwise you won’t get your LOSE BONUS or WIN BONUS.
* When your opponent stop playing the game, then after 10-14 days game will expire, then you can claim your WIN BONUS from game board and automatically win the match.
* If your opponent leave the game while playing, then you will win the match and claim your WIN BONUS.
* You can find all active matches at “Your Turn” & “Opp’s Turn” section.
* You can find all your complete and expire matches at “Completed” section.
* You can find all your received invitations at “Invitation” section.

If you have any more confusions, queries, suggests or frustration about this game, please let us know at

So just download and make your move anytime and anywhere.
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