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 Dr Sneja 2.4

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You patients have been infected by a new dangerous virus. Your only way to save them is to use the latest technology medical machine called the "Healer3000" which allows you to directly apply medicine to the infected area. You need to treat each virus with a specific type of pill. Unfortunately, the machine is not very precise and it can transfer only a bit of the medicine at once. Moreover, the pill dispensing machine broke and is loading the Healer3000 with random pills. Viruses are quickly spreading deadly toxins through the bodies of your patients. Can you save them all in time?

You need to match pills of the same color with a virus (horizontally or vertically). If you match a total of 4 pills and viruses of the same color, they get destroyed. Eliminate all viruses before the time runs out in order to win. You get 3 stars if you succeed with more than half the time left, 2 stars if you have 1/4 of the time left, and 1 otherwise.

Swipe left/right to move the pill left/right. You are allowed to slide in the pill (after it is placed you can still move it for a bit). Swipe up to rotate the pill. Swipe down to drop the pill to the bottom.

Currently the game has 31 levels and one advanced mode which is random every time you play.
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