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 Drongo Bird Sounds 1.2

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The Greater racket-tailed drongo bird sound listen to relax and set as ringtone, notification and alarm.

Application Features
- 10 tracks
- set as ringtone
- set as notification
- set as alarm
- play repeat

The drongos, subfamily Dicrurinae, are a subfamily of small passerine birds of the Old World tropics in the family Dicruridae. Originally the family included the single genus Dicrurus (subfamily Dicrurinae), but now it has been expanded to include the subfamilies Rhipidurinae (Australasian fantails), Monarchinae (monarchs and paradise flycatchers) and Grallininae (magpie-larks). The subfamily Dicrurinae contains two genera, the monotypic Chaetorhynchus, and Dicrurus, which contains about 25 species. The placement of the pygmy drongo (Chaetorhynchus papuensis) in the subfamily is in dispute on morphological and genetic grounds.

Drongos are mostly black or dark grey, short-legged birds, with an upright stance when perched. They have forked tails and some have elaborate tail decorations. They feed on insects which they catch in flight or on the ground. Some species are accomplished mimics and have a variety of alarm calls, to which other birds and animals often respond. It has been suggested they may utter hoax alarm calls in order to benefit from the false alarms, a matter of interest to researchers.
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