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 DrunkWorld: Drinking Game 1.3

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In simple words “DrunkWorld” is a turn-based multiplayer drinking game. The game itself is a sort of a quiz, to play the game there is a simple requirement and that is knowledge about world cities and countries. Gather your friends (up to 10 players), get some beer, shots or whatever you usually drink and start the night.

In order to deliver the maximal fun and game experience for our players the game is currently equipped with a database which consists of about 40000 world cities or 195 world countries respectively.

“DrunkWorld” offers the game players to choose one of the two possible database tables and with that direct the game into different outcomes. Together with the above mentioned option, the game has 3 different game modes implemented, and they are as follows:
- Static randomize mode
- Dynamic randomize mode
- Full database mode

Your knowledge about the world will determine the outcome of your night!

How to play:
1. Choose your database table (either you want to play with Countries or with Cities)
2. Choose one of the above mentioned 3 different game modes
3. Choose number of players
4. Input player names and choose their avatars
5. Play the game

The game does not force you to drink shoots!!! It is your free will as players to decide how much shall a player drink or not drink in case he fails to answer correctly!

There is not enough jokers in the game to save you from drinking multiple shots in a row if you fail to answer correctly!!!

But one thing is sure, that at the end of your night you will be hammered!
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