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 Dungeon Map Generator 1.0.15

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Players are wacky, but a DM always have to be prepared, even during improvisation.

You wouldn’t have thought they will storm the thieves guild hall, but they just kicked the door. They ignored your adventure hook and want to visit the mysterious crypt you have mentioned two sessions before. As the party travels they noticed an abandoned mansion a few miles away, and they decided to explore it. What can a DM do in a situation like these? What would you do?

Generate a good old dungeon on the fly with a detailed map, enemies, traps and treasure using this application!

Before dungeon generation you can specify many parameters:
- size and difficulty of your dungeon
- number and level of your players
- size and density of rooms
- number of traps
- type of monsters inhabiting your dungeon
- and more...

You also can save time during your preparations with this app. Generate a dungeon and add some details to make it perfectly fit your campaign!

Download and check out the app!
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