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Duty2Go is an integrated platform, developed to offer a flexible way to help you know the variables and elements that builds up required import duty payable at the port of entry.

Duty2Go automatically calculates Duty based on vehicle parameters. This is done in accordance to the Tax Act of Ghana.

Duty2Go provides the leverage for you to plan your shipping of cars to Ghana.
The key Features of Duty2Go

• Vehicle Information

Duty2Go is integrated with a data repository. Data for all vehicles are stored at this location. The Duty2Go app plugs-in to fetch details for Vehicles & Light Duty Trucks.
You will be required to enter your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), and this will pull all data and display same on screen. One unique item this search makes available is the manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). This represents the price at which the producer of the car sells for. This Value forms the basis of the Cost of the Vehicle. Other vital data that comes from a search of VIN are; Vehicle Make, Model, Trim, Body Type, Transmission, Year of Manufacture, Fuel Type, Color, Drive Type, etc.

• How Import Duties are Calculated

The build up to arrive at Total Payable Duty by Importer, comprises of inputs such as; CIF, VAT, NHIL, Import Duty, Special Levy, ECOWAS Levy, Exam Fee, GCNET charges, and other ancillary charges. All these are derived as percentages prescribed for each and calculated automatically and displayed by Duty2Go in real-time.
It is instructive to note that, the above charges/fees represent the legal taxes to import Vehicles & Light Duty Trucks. However the values represented are a calculated approximation of the Duties Payable and should not be used to contest Values provided by the GRA. The intent of Duty2Go is to enable its user plan properly.

• Geo-Location

Currently, Duty2Go is developed for Vehicles & Light Duty Trucks sold in North America, United States, Canada & Mexico. All information displayed are for cars from this region only. In the near future, an update will be released for other location such as Europe and Asia. However users importing from regions other than the Americas, can provide the MSRP, Age, Fuel Type, Body Type and Engine CC to get details duty outputs.

• Payment Mode

Payment to use Duty2Go, can be done via mobile money, on all mobile money aware networks. After downloading the app, you are prompted to enter phone number and select network applicable for payment to be processed. Duty2Go is annually renewable at a cost of ¢ 24.00 per device.

This mode of payment applies to Ghanaians living in Ghana only. Soon to be released, will be the ability to make payment via Google Play Store, for Ghanaian living abroad.
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