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 DVM 1st Yr Quiz - Health Mgmt. 2.21.8


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Includes modules on Health Management, Animal Behaviour, Clinical Medicine
245 questions, 144 images

Topics : Health Management, Animal Behaviour, Clinical Medicine of a typical Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) 1st year curriculum

Everything you wanted to know about:
... Health Management: sensitivity & specificity; positive/negative predictive value; incidence/prevalence; sequential testing; screening tests; mortality rate; risk rate; host, agent, environmental factors affecting disease; infectious vs contagious; metaphylaxis; zoonoses; Reed-Frost model; pig production; chicken production; dairy vs beef; horses; HACCP; BSE; California Mastitis test
... Animal Behaviour: ontogeny; modal action, reflex; socialization; separation anxiety; bite inhibition; imprint training; coprophagy; Five Freedoms; sentience; animal welfare assessment; social group formation; genes and behaviour; hormones and behaviour
... Clinical Medicine: large/small animals; signalment; vital signs; basic examination; injection techniques, locations, needle sizes & gauges; restraint; drug administration techniques; and more
... but were reluctant to ask!

Multiple choice Q & A (NAVLE style)
Fun! Sounds, animations, funky sounds (representative of one's score)
Serious! Supported by tons of images, detailed explanations, memory tips
Relevance! Questions designed to highlight key topics

Various modes. Sequential, Random, more
Tracks your profile, so
- one can focus on "difficult" questions (Difficult mode)
- questions not repeated
Keyword mode. Presents questions that match a keyword (within the question text)
Test mode. Configurable number of questions, picked at random. Stores your score.

Switch to landscape mode (to expand an image, for example)
Images: pinch-zoom or double tap to zoom
Works on all sizes of phones/tablets

Ideal for revision, to supplement course work
NOT designed to be used on its own

1st Year DVM students, senior students (even DVMs) should find this useful revision
Created by a DVM
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