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DWSIM Calculator is an app to calculate phase equilibria and properties of mixtures of substances (compounds) using advanced thermodynamic models. Based on the model library of DWSIM, an award-winning open-source process simulator for desktops, DWSIM Calculator for Android features:

- An intuitive interface for desktop process simulator users;
- Free version includes data for Water and Ethanol only. Full version includes experimental data for more than 400 compounds;
- 6 calculation modes: Single Compound Properties, VLE/VLLE Phase Equilibria, True Critical Point, Pressure-Temperature Phase Envelope, T-x-y and P-x-y Binary Envelopes;
- Unit Operation: Gas-Liquid Separator;
- 5 thermodynamic model sets: Peng-Robinson Equation of State, NRTL, UNIQUAC, Raoult's Law and IAPWS-IF97 Steam Tables;
- 5 state specifications: Temperature/Pressure, Pressure/Enthalpy, Pressure/Entropy, Temperature/Vapor Fraction and Pressure/Vapor Fraction;
- Phase properties: Enthalpy, Entropy, Compressibility Factor, Density, Molecular Weight, Heat Capacity, Thermal Conductivity and Viscosity;
- Single Compound Properties: Critical Properties, Acentric Factor, Chemical formula, Structure formula, CAS Registry Number, Boiling Point Temperature, Vapor Pressure, Heat of Vaporization, Ideal gas Enthalpy, Ideal gas Enthalpy of Formation at 25 C, Ideal Gas Gibbs Free Energy of Formation at 25 C, Ideal Gas Entropy, Heat Capacity Cp, Ideal Gas Heat Capacity, Liquid Heat Capacity, Solid Heat Capacity, Heat Capacity Cv, Liquid Viscosity, Vapor Viscosity, Liquid Thermal Conductivity, Vapor Thermal Conductivity, Solid Density, Liquid Density and Molecular Weight.

The calculation results can be viewed in text reports or charts. Reports can be shared as plain text (send as message, email, publish on facebook, etc) and charts can be shared as PDF or PNG files.

The full version includes data for more than 400 compounds and more unit operation calculations.
More information on http://dwsim.inforside.com.br/wiki/index.php?title=Calculator
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