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 Ear SPY - Super Ear 1.0

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Can you hear more?

The Super Ear SPY App will make you a super hero and improve your hearing.!!

Ear SPY is a hearing aid application based on your Android phone or tablet device
running same principles as conventional wearable hearing aid.

User-friendly interface with fast profile selection brings maximum sound quality and comfort of use.

Use the built-in mic to catch sound from distant sources,

Ear SPY make some sounds louder by magnifying sound vibrations entering the ear.
it receives sound through a microphone, which converts sounds into electrical signals and sends them to an amplifier, which amplifies them and sends them to the cochlea through a headset. The sounds then cause little hairs to move within the cochlea, which stimulate nerves to send messages to the hearing center of the brain.

This Ear SPY allows you also to better hear the meeting or if you have hearing troubles and do not have your hearing support to hand. Just plug in your headsets and start listening better.


You can hear a lot more with this simple app!.

Easy switching between device and headset microphones.

BT headset support (for processed sound playback only, sound is captured by device onboard mic).

Automatically shuts down when removes the headphones.

Works in background.

Noise suppression.


Echo cancellation.

This application is perfect for people who can not hear too well. Plug in a headset, activate the app and improve your hearing immediately.


App is not approved as a medical device or software and cannot be used as a hearing aid with doctor`s prescription.

This application does not store any information about the user. We, KINGAME Apps, respect the privacy of the user.

The use of Ear SPY is not tolerated to break the law or interfere with the private conversations of others. Thank you for using Ear SPY in a reasonable way.

Ear SPY is just amplifies the sound passing through the microphone of your phone to your headphones. To refine the received signals.
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