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Earth Store Bodhisattva or simply Ksitigarbha, is a bodhisattva who vowed to release all beings in the Hell until the Hell is empty. Ksitigarbha also helps save beings from natural disasters or accidents or any tragedy related to earth. It is extremely beneficial to chant his mantra during All Souls Days (or Ching Ming) festival and Hungry Ghost (or Ullambana) festival.

Besides, Ksitigarbha mantra also about filial piety. It describe how Maudgalyana save his mother from Hell. After Maudgalyana successfully saved his mother from Hell, he vowed to become Earth Store Bodhisattva to help save all beings from Hell. Ksitigarbha once vowed that :
“Until the hells are empty, I vow not to become a Buddha: only after all beings are saved, will I myself realize Bodhi.”

Because these endless vows, like the earth are durable and solid, and because they are also like fertile soil, can grow all manner of goodness in the world, so he is known as Earth store Bodhisattva.

In our daily life, this mantra is to be used for any difficulties or problems in any situation. Just a few times, it is already very powerful.

Also, Earth Store Bodhisattva is revered as the protector of stillborn, miscarriage and aborted babies. He is the protective deity of travellers and guardian of pregnant women. He protects against earthquakes; he prolongs life and is a guardian of children. Ksitigarbha appears in numerous forms to alleviate the suffering of the living and the dead. There are some 28 kinds of benefits that will be gained by reciting this sutra, namely:

1. Protection and mindfulness of devas and nagas;
2. Daily increase of virtuous fruition;
3. Accumulation of elevated and sacred causes;
4. Non-retrogression from path of Bodhi;
5. Affluence and abundant of clothing and food;
6. Non-occurrence of diseases;
7. Non-occurrence of the calamities of flood or fire;
8. No harassment by robbery and thievery;
9. Admiration and respect of all persons one encounters;
10. Aid and support of deities and demons;
11. Transformation of the female body into the male body at rebirth;
12. Being a royal minister’s daughter if reborn as a female;
13. Possession of a dignified and graceful form;
14. Frequent rebirth in the heaven realms;
15. Sometimes becoming an emperor or a king;
16. Possession of the miraculous power of knowing one’s previous lives;
17. All prayers will be answered;
18. Delight and happiness for the members of one’s family;
19. Elimination of all unexpected and unpleasant happenings;
20. Permanent eradication of the karmic ways of life;
21. Always passing through safely wherever one travels;
22. Always feeling safety and delight in one’s dreams;
23. Elimination of suffering for one’s departed ones;
24. Rebirth on the strength of previous bliss;
25. Praises by the Holy Ones;
26. Possession of clever wit and healthy organs;
27. Fullness of mercy, pity, and compassion.”
28. Sure will become Buddha.

This app includes all chapters of the Past Vows of the Sutra of the Earth store Bodhisattva and also its mantra chanting. Its mantra include:-
(i) Earth Store Bodhisattva Mantra
(ii) Mantra for Eliminating Predicament Karma
(iii) Earth Store Bodhisattva Praise

Download this app and you will be protected by Earth Store Bodhisattva (Ksitigarbha/DiZang) whenever you go. Thanks.
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