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 Electrical Machines 5.4

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The app is a complete free handbook of Special Electrical Machines which covers important topics, notes, materials, news & blogs on the course. Download the App as a reference material & digital book for Electrical engineering programs & degree courses.

This useful App lists 91 topics with detailed notes, diagrams, equations, formulas & course material, the topics are listed in 5 chapters. The app is must have for all the engineering science students & professionals.

The app provides quick revision and reference to the important topics like a detailed flash card notes, it makes it easy & useful for the student or a professional to cover the course syllabus quickly before an exams or interview for jobs.

Track your learning, set reminders, edit the study material, add favorite topics, share the topics on social media.
Use this useful engineering app as your tutorial, digital book, a reference guide for syllabus, course material, project work, sharing your views on the blog.

Some of the topics Covered in the app are:

1. Poly-phase AC Machines
2. Classification of A.C. Motors
3. Construction of A.C Motor
4. Phase-wound Rotor
5. Production of Rotating Field
6. Three-phase Supply
7. Relation Between Torque and Rotor Power Factor
8. Starting Torque of induction motor
9. Torque, Rotor E.M.F. and Reactance Under Running Conditions
10. Condition for Maximum Torque Under Running Conditions
11. Relation Between Torque and Slip
12. Full-load Torque, Starting torque and Maximum Torque
13. Torque/Speed Curve
14. Current/Speed Curve of an Induction Motor
15. Plugging of an Induction Motor
16. Complete Torque/Speed Curve of a Three-Phase Machine
17. Measurement of Slip
18. Power Stages in an Induction Motor
19. Torque, Mechanical Power and Rotor Output
20. Induction Motor Torque Equation
21. Analogy with a Mechanical Clutch and D.C. Motor
22. Sector Induction Motor
23. Magnetic Levitation
24. Induction Motor as a Generalized Transformer
25. Equivalent Circuit of the Rotor and Induction Motor
26. Power Balance Equations
27. Circle Diagram for a Series Circuit
28. Circle Diagram for the Approximate Equivalent Circuit
29. Determination of G0 and B0
30. Blocked Rotor Test
31. Construction of the Circle Diagram
32. Starting of Induction Motors
33. Starting of Slip-ring Motors
34. Starter Steps
35. Crawling and Cogging or Magnetic Locking
36. Double Squirrel Cage Motor
37. Speed Control of Induction Motors
38. Three-phase A.C. Commutator Motors
39. Three-phase A.C. Commutator Motors
40. Standard Types of Squirrel-cage Motors
41. Types of Single-Phase Motors
42. Single-phase Induction Motor
43. Double-field Revolving Theory
44. Making Single-phase Induction Motor Self-starting
45. Equivalent Circuit of a Single-phase Induction Motor Without Core Loss
46. Types of Capacitor - start Motors
47. Capacitor Start-and-Run Motor
48. Shaded-pole Single-phase Motor
49. Repulsion Type Motors
50. Repulsion Principle
51. Compensated Repulsion Motor
52. A.C. Series Motors
53. Universal Motor
54. Speed Control of Universal Motors
55. Unexcited Single-phase Synchronous Motors
56. Basic Principle and Stationary Armature of Alternator
57. Details of Construction
58. Damper Windings, Speed and Frequency
59. Armature Windings, Concentric or Chain Windings and Two-Layer Winding

Each topic is complete with diagrams, equations and other forms of graphical representations for better learning and quick understanding.

Special Electrical Machines is part of electrical engineering education courses and technology degree programs of various universities.
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