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APOSTLE VICTOR RAJAMANI accepted Lord Jesus Christ as their personnel Saviour in 1981 in his 9th year and received the anointing of the Holy Spirit when he was 9 years old received the power to cart out demons and along with his father Apostle Dr. G. Rajamani carted out demons and considered it as his divine ministry.

According to the specific calling of God in his 19th years he established the GETHSEMANE FULL GOSPEL CHURCHin Royapuram with only 4 members with the simple and humble beginning on his birthday 25th August. He is the president and Chief Pastor for the GETHSEMANE FULL GOSPEL CHURCH in India.

Establishing Churches recurring up disciples, bringing revival among servants of God in his heart beat.

His great vision is erecting a Church of 7000 believers. He has received this vision thrice from God in his 7 day’s pasting prayer. His slogan is “INDIA FOR JESUS” and “Jesus give India”.

He has received vision to rise up disciples and to rise up leaders through care cell and seminars. His heart beat that all the Churches should be multiplied with souls and all the Churches should preach the trough as truth.

So far till (2015) through the care cell seminars conducted by his 6200 leaders has been raised up and are organizing the care cells. Through his seminars Church camp, ministers seminars he challenges that Church growth is possible. Moreover he manifests the heartbeat of God through his books and monthly magazine. His messages, Bible teachings, Bible verse Prayer are published in the form of DVD and MP3.

His wife Mary Anita Victor Rajamani upholds his in his ministry and constantly supports his in the growth of his ministry.

God has given him three wonderful children’s as a blessing Steve Jonathan, Shekinah Joyce and Samuel Judah.
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