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 EmailToSms: Email To SMS 1.8

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Takes email messages and stores them inside the device text messaging app.

[Note: if you are searching for an app that sends email messages as SMS messages, please try:]

 • A friend sends you an email
 • The email is instantly received by the app background service
 • The app background service copies the email to the messaging app and sends you a noticifcation
 • You read the "email" in the text messaging app and reply with a text

2 Modes of operation:
 • Background: The app runs in the background converting any emails to SMS messages as they are sent
 • Manual: Open the app and press "Enable". A dialog is shown asking that you temporarily confirm Email To SMS as the default SMS app. Once confirmed, the app converts any emails found into SMS/text messages. Once the notifications cease, set "Enable" to OFF restoring the original SMS app as default.

[Note: In Android 4.3 and below it is not necessary to set Email to SMS as the default app]

To reply to the converted text message, please ensure that the sender's email address and cell number are in the device contact app. If the app cannot associate a phone number with the sender of the email then it will use the email address in place of the number, however this will prevent reply from working.

 • Preview: specify how many characters from the email to move to the SMS app [Default: 'All']
 • Options to only convert to SMS text message if sender or recipient is in the contact app
 • Option to show a notification whenever an email is being converted

Good to know:
 • Mail Support: IMAP, IMAP IDLE, POP and POP3 and passwordless GMail authentication [OAuth2]
 • Completely private! Your data/email NEVER leaves your device!
 • While this is a new concept app, it is based on my mail engine used in many different products. I expect the app to be stable, however If you encounter any issues please press the report button and I will fix them.
 • The app is capable of saving the entire email. However, some text messaging apps assume messages are limited to 160 characters

1. Better feedback on when a sync is complete [So you know when to disable the app again], 2. The ability to restrict the email to sms conversions to a list of people, 3.A home screen widget so that conversions can be done without opening the app 4. A history of the conversions completed

Contact details for feature requests and help:
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