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 Endless Race Police Chase: 3D Racing Games 1.0

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Play this Endless Race Police Chase: 3D Racing Games

Over speeding! You race begin when you violate traffic rules by driving off the limits. Your very act of crime set the police in motion where police chase begins.
Warning: Once you drove off the limits now let the persistent fast speed shall reclaim your fastest driving skills in police car game.


Police car race! You are a crazy driver and you drive off the limits as always. Police has started to watch the traffic to meet the pace of traffic rules to derivate it all over again. Police cars were parked aside the city highway where police car race begins to incarcerate you down.

As police cars (racing shooters) are surprisingly fast so if you want to dodge these shooting cars far behind you then get yourself behind the fastest wheels. Let the police chase feel your existence and leave them far behind you by taking one of their crazy car from a police car driver. With police car driving adventures, intuitive car controls and immersive environment our police game is most addictive and realistic game among police chase games.

Police cars are pursuing you and you’re driving in style to burn the asphalts then this police car racing turns out a police car chase, which make this police car simulator a best ever police simulator.


Police car game! Intuitive car controls, cutting edge graphics, fast moving cars and absorbing game play you may never have seen before in any of these police chase games. Always avoid police car race or their cunning police chase.

But once you’re in then drive at your best to leave their racing shooters (they call their police cars so) in dust you make in high speed chase. Drive like you ain’t trying to watch detention time by give the perk to this police car chase. In this police game, police car drivers got the fastest speed cars while you got the guts to dodge their police car driving skills.

Traffic police is using shooting cars to come up with police car racing against a crazy drive like you. Immersive environment, addictive game play and lifelike police cars will win you over in police car simulator.


Police car chase in best police simulator! You wouldn’t like to be the part of police car racing where their racing shooter cars are chasing you.
this police chase (or police car race) is not going to end like this, you have to storm out by leaving police car drivers far far behind you on their shooting cars(police use these cars for chasing). Realistic police car driving experience in this police car simulator makes it most likeable among police chase games.

Jammed their spinning wheels and show em you’re crazy driver who ain’t gonna let police chase tackle him down. Such lifelike cutting edge graphics and captivating game play make this police game best among police car games 3d 2017.

Have fun playing this exciting car driver road racing: free racing games offered by Knock Solutions. This arcade car racing drive: free driving games is not only a free game but is also an offline game. Fun is locked in the install button.
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