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 English Irregular Verbs - Learn English Grammar 2.6

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Learn English? English irregular verbs trainer will make your study of English grammar efficient.
• In irregular verbs list you can easily find verb conjugation. All irregular English verbs are present in the table. Irregular verbs table consists of about 70% of all irregular verbs in spoken English language.
• English irregular verbs trainer mode allows you learn English efficiently. Test your knowledge of English verbs and their grammatical forms. Memorize grammar easily with irregular verbs trainer!

Studying of new language is not easy. Especially the grammar part. It's almost impossible to create a sentence without any verb. In some languages there are sentences without verbs that are grammatically correct but anyway they usually don't have a lot of sense.

When you learn English language and when you learn English grammar, like in any other language, you'll have to learn a lot of verbs. And without verbs you cannot create any sentence in English that will have sense.
Comparing with other languages English grammar is not the very hard to learn. The same situation is with English verbs. There are two groups of verbs in English: regular verbs and irregular verbs. With a regular ones there is no problem at all. You just add 'ed' and that's all. The situation is more complicated with irregular English verbs because you need to learn all of them by heart. Moreover, when you take a look to English irregular verbs list you'll see that a lot of them are very frequently used. Even more frequently than regular ones.

Do you have a beginner English level? Middle one? Maybe your English level is advanced. Everybody will find this English irregular verbs trainer useful.
The main idea of 'English irregular verbs trainer' application is to make your English studies as simple as possible. When you open verb trainer app you'll see the irregular verbs list in a form of table with 3 columns. In this irregular verbs table you can find Infinitive form, Past Simple and Participle forms. You can have all of them in your phone.
Moreover, language trainer mode will help you to learn all of them by heart. In the form of cards you'll need to enter Past Simple and Past Participle values. The intelligent rating system will offer you to learn verbs depending on verb rating. This will make your learning even more efficient. Practice everywhere and you'll get incredible results in English grammar.

English irregular verbs trainer is simple, fast, easy to use and efficient. It really helps to learn learn English grammar.
Try it!
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