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If you are eager to speak English fluently this app may be for you. This app is like a spoken English workout for people who have studied English for at least two years. This app is ad-free and works offline for most features.

In real-life communication, you don't listen and repeat in English, you listen and respond with your own words. However, it may be difficult to find a native English speaker to practice with. Many people can read and write well after studying diligently for several years, but still cannot speak fluently. Use Echobean 5-10 minutes per day, and in three months time you will make noticeable progress in your spoken English.

Mr. Echobean is the alternative native speaker for you who can be with you anytime you want with absolutely no complaints.  In this App, we give you continuous random questions. You can answer in whatever way you like at whatever pace feels comfortable. You will improve more quickly if you give your personalized answers, as you do in a real conversation.

To use your time efficiently, we group the questions into three categories:

(i) Talk to make friends (easy questions)
(ii) Talk to get what you need (uphill questions)
(iii) Talk to get a job (challenge questions)

You will find that these three categories will cover most everyday communications. We provide a list of carefully-selected, pre-recorded questions and applicable suggested answers in each category.     

You can customize your practice with the following features:

(i) Play questions in sequence, record answers and listen to recorded answers automatically
(ii) Hear each answer played back immediately after you record it
(iii) Play any question or answer individually
(iv) Play suggested answer before you record your own answer
(v) Play questions in random order
(vi) Display or hide text of questions and suggested answers
(vii) Voice activation automatically stops recording when you stop talking

In this new version, users can now download additional new lists online from our website (www.echobean.com). The user also can create their own lists, and share these with other users. This feature makes Echobean a powerful tool for teachers or tutors who need to create their own practice lessons.

The Tutorial gives you detailed information. We will continue providing new app features and online services in the near future—please stay tuned.
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