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Pain area :

1. Your team does not get all the information they want when they are not in office.
2. You are not able to track and coordinate their activities, because they don't report.
3. They don't report, because they don't have easy way to report.

This creates lots of stress between you and your team, even between you and your customers.

Solution :

1. Give your team all the information they need on their fingertips.
2. Empower them to log all the activities with single click (with time and location being recorded).
3. This ensures that you get proper track (with time and cost) of what they do and they get don't have to do lengthy reporting process.

Everyone is happy, stress free.

Introduction :

World is moving fast towards Mobile + Cloud platform. In next two years most of business will be done from mobile. Enjay Latitude is a mobile CRM app, which can work with Sugar CRM (all versions) as well as SuiteCRM free version also.

Empower your team :

Empower your teams in the field to get all the information they need to carry out their regular executive tasks. Get contact details of customers, task management, schedule meeting and reminders, log all the necessary information from mobile, communicate using call, SMS, email with few clicks. They can also track history of activity done on any customer or a particular deal. They get notified when any task, case, opportunity is assigned to them.

Track, coordinate and analyse your team :

Your team can enter activities, tasks, visits, meetings with few clicks. You can also track how their time is spent, on which activities. Even get their geographical location and track their journey during the day on a map. Get notified instantly when they finish some task, meeting. No need to call many times in a day where he has reached and what he has done.

Feature highlights :

1. All information on finger tips, anywhere anytime.
2. Manage tasks, schedule meetings, get reminders with few clicks
3. Complete history of customer, case or opportunity. (360 degree history of Emails, Calls, SMS, Meetings & tasks - every thing that your team has been communicating with your client's team.)
4. Track your employees. Unique check in and check out function to log tasks, visits with three clicks.
5. Get real time notifications for any assigned or due tasks, meetings, case of opportunities.
6. Get time and cost analysis, for your team and customers.
7. Call, SMS, Email directly from mobile app.

How Enjay Latitude helps Sales & Marketing Teams :

1. A lead or enquiry is assigned to a sales person, he gets realtime notification on his mobile.
2. He communicates using call, SMS, email directly from Enjay Latitude Mobile app. All calls, SMS, emails gets automatically logged to CRM. (No need of entry)
3. If sales person has to visit the prospect, he gets address (google Maps integrated). Visit is recorded in mobile app - check in when meeting starts and check out when meeting ends. Time and location is automatically tracked.
4. CRM is updated instantly and team leader in office gets instant notification on his dashboard with all the details.
5. Sales person can schedule a call, task or meeting directly from his mobile. He will get notification when it's due.

How Enjay Latitude helps Support Team :

1. Technician gets notified when a case is assigned, with all the relevant details regarding contact person, problem reported address and other contact details.
2. When technician visits the client, the visit can be recorded with three clicks. Check in when he reaches client place, check out when he is about to leave from there. His time and geographical locations get logged into CRM instantly.
3. Details of extra spares, any other charges or details of solution provided can also be logged at the time of check out.
4. As soon as task is completed team leader and client gets notified.
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