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 Epic Battle Simulator: Advance War 1.0

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Epic treat for the fans of Epic battle simulator and modern war cravers. Witness was the fall of huge armies, human and robot warriors.
The latest Epic Battle Simulator: Advance War is the amazing new battle strategy game based on the concept of human warriors. Experience ground breaking clash of human warriors and classic weapon and war tactics only in Epic Battle Simulator: Advance War.
Epic Battle Simulator: Advance War is the most amazing war simulator out there. Built a strong army and command them and lead them to glory. Build the most furious and strongest army in the whole world. Lead your armies to victory, spawn soldiers and also manipulate war vehicles. Witness the clash of man vs. man and machine vs. machine in this classic style clash of battle of armies. Enjoy the battle of fighters and witness breathtaking clash of armies on the battle field.
Epic Battle Simulator: Advance War is very war action based game where you have to fight battles to build a stronger army earn gold after you defeat the rival army. Experience is with each fight, the clash of battle warriors. Spawn soldiers anytime into the battlefield. To buy stronger solider you have to earn and spend more gold on each solider.
Remember that you are the commander of the army of the battle league. Built your favorite army is from scratch assign position to your soldiers, tank and vehicles before and during the battle league. You can send new soldiers to war, during the clash of battle. You can deploy a part of your army to a specific location. You can change your army war tactics. You can change your battle formation. You can replace small soldiers with stronger soldiers in the next war. You can deploy any soldier, robot, jeep or tank at any place to build a stronger modern army.
The goal is to take over the enemy’s stronghold and destroy it. A stronghold is a place from where your army comes from, it is the only secure place an army has during war. If you take out your enemy’s stronghold and capture it, that army automatically loses. Send your army to a war from your stronghold to destroy the enemy’s stronghold. Both armies will do their best to destroy each other’s strongholds. Keep watch of all the soldiers; human and robots in the battlefield and deploy human and robot fighters where your fighters are being killed or are less in numbers. Use small fighter warriors to fight with small armies and use robot warriors and jeep and tanks to destroy stronghold or pack of armies. Jeeps and Tanks can use machine guns and fire missiles.
Step into the arena and battle with the furious armies of the world. Defeat all armies and take over their strongholds so you can win amazing battle and prove your army’s worth. Test your battle and war instincts, become the war commander of your army. Command your army to the victory in the amazing battle and war action game the Epic Battle Simulator: Advance War.
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