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 EQUIAVIA - Horse Care 1.0

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Why buy this app?
Caring for a horse seems deceptively simple, but many horse owners have been caught out when things go wrong.

This app is intended for new owners with one horse who want to get to know their horse and ensure that their equine companion stays as healthy as possible.

The application does not require the internet to function, which provides you with the flexibility to use the application anywhere you need to.

This app will be updated and expanded, and we need you tell us what we can do to improve it

The best of all is that the app won’t cost you more than a good cup of coffee!

What do you get when you buy the app?
The application provides you with the basic tools to monitor your horse and to keep you prepared in case something does go wrong.

The application provides you with the following tools:
- Horse Health Check
- First Aid Checklist
- Body Conditioning Score
- Weight Estimator
- Rug Size Guide
- In Case of Emergency

How does it work?
Health checks provide you with a record of what is “normal” for your horse or give you information, that could be useful when you do need to call a vet.
Each section has a comment area to capture what "normal" is for your horse.
This section creates awareness for horse owners, "what to look for..." on a daily basis, what a healthy or a sick horse looks like. The earlier you catch signs of illness, the better the prognosis often is.

There is a First Aid Checklist that gives you a basic list of items to keep in a safe clean place. This can often save time in crucial situations where every minute counts.

A Body Condition Score can be calculated where parameters such “Considering an older horse” and a “Mare in her last trimester“ is taken into consideration. This information can help you decide, on managing changes, such as nutritional intake or what activity your horse will best succeed in. This can also be a method to assess, what weight a horse is capable of carrying. This method is ideal for assessing horses with thick winter coats or mares in foal.

The calculations for the Horse Weight Estimator takes the horse’s age in consideration and therefore has different formulas to calculate a foal, yearling, and a mature horse’s weight.

The estimated weight of the horse is calculated on an average between the various weight calculation methods, "Length to Hip", "Length of Horse" and for foals, it uses a method based on the “Heart Girth”.
The app supports both Metric or the Imperial measurements.

In addition to this section “Weight to Carry” is calculated where a horse is of age to ride, but human discretion and information around a Body Condition Score should be taken into consideration.

The "Rug Size Guide" section guides you on what measurements you need to take before you shop for a horse rug. In this section, the Height of the Horse can also be captured in both hands and cm.

The “In Case of Emergency” section helps you capture information that can be useful to have on hand in case of emergency. This information needs to be up in your tack room or given to a friend or person that might look after your horse when you are on holiday.

Each section has an information link at the top of each main section page that gives a wide range of important information on each section. It is very important to follow this link first before capturing information.
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