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The Ericaceae are a family of flowering plants commonly known as the heath or heather family found most commonly in acid and infertile growing conditions. The family is large with c. 4250 known species spread across 124 genera making it the 14th most species-rich family of flowering plants. The many well-known and economically important members of the Ericaceae include the cranberry blueberry huckleberry rhododendron including azaleas and various common heaths and heathers Erica Cassiope Daboecia and Calluna for example.

The Ericaceae contain a morphologically diverse range of taxa including herbs dwarf shrubs and trees. Their leaves are usually alternate or whorled simple and without stipules. Their flowers are hermaphrodite and show considerable variability. The petals are often fused sympetalous with shapes ranging from narrowly tubular to funnelform or widely bowl-shaped. The corollas are usually radially symmetrical actinomorphic but many flowers of the genus Rhododendron are somewhat bilaterally symmetrical zygomorphic.

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