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✴An ethical hacker (also known as a white hat hacker) is the ultimate security professional. Ethical hackers know how to find and exploit vulnerabilities and weaknesses in various systems—just like a malicious hacker (or a black hat hacker). In fact, they both use the same skills; however, an ethical hacker uses those skills in a legitimate, lawful manner to try to find vulnerabilities and fix them before the bad guys can get there and try to break in.✴

►An ethical hacker’s role is similar to that of a penetration tester, but it involves broader duties. They break into systems legally and ethically. This is the primary difference between ethical hackers and real hackers—the legality.☆

【Topics Covered in this App are Listed Below】

⇢ Ethical Hacking - Overview

⇢ Types of Hacking

⇢ Advantages of Ethical Hacking

⇢ Hacker Types

⇢ Famous Hackers

⇢ Terminologies

⇢ Tools

⇢ Skills

⇢ Process

⇢ Reconnaissance

⇢ Footprinting

⇢ Fingerprinting

⇢ Sniffing

⇢ Types of Sniffing

⇢ Hardware Protocol Analyzers

⇢ Lawful Interception

⇢ Sniffing Tools

⇢ ARP Poisoning

⇢ What is ARP Spoofing?

⇢ What is MITM?

⇢ DNS Poisoning

⇢ Defenses against DNS Poisoning

⇢ Exploitation

⇢ Enumeration

⇢ Metasploit

⇢ Metasploit Payloads

⇢ Trojan Attacks

⇢ TCP/IP Hijacking

⇢ Email Hijacking

⇢ Password Hacking

⇢ Wireless Hacking

⇢ Social Engineering

⇢ DDOS Attacks

⇢ What are Botnets?

⇢ Types of DDoS Attacks

⇢ Cross-Site Scripting

⇢ SQL Injection

⇢ Pen Testing

⇢ How to Protect Your Website Against Hacks?
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