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Euclideus is a software application provided completely for free, without ads. It is designed to assist engineers, scientists, mathematicians, programmers -- anyone engaging in a technical discipline. It allows for the evaluation of advanced mathematical operations, such as numerical integration, analytical differentiation, on a phone or tablet. While a complete product manual is included in the application itself (Menu button -> Instructions), below is a list of Euclideus' key features:

- it is based on complex-valued arithmetic from the ground up, such that its basic functions and arithmetic assume that quantities are complex;
- it performs advanced numerical operations such as integration, root- and peak-finding, and prime-number decomposition;
- it analytically evaluates derivatives of functions and expressions;
- you can assign variables and multi-valued functions, for use in other expressions, similarly to more advanced packages such as MATLAB and Mathematica;
- it can evaluate several special functions, such as Airy and Bessel functions, and associated Legendre polynomials;
- it can perform Nth order polynomial regression (and outputs error estimates on parameters) of a set of data points;
- it converts between binary, hexadecimal and decimal numbers (including fractional numbers);
- Euclideus worksheets (which include all assigned variables and functions, together with the input history) may be saved to and loaded from the file system;
- press the Android Menu button, then "Instructions" for a complete product manual;

- history box is segmented to allow for quick access of previous entries: click a given block of the history box to insert a previous input into the math entry box, long press a block to delete it from the history box

- click the "Clear" button to just clear the entry box, long press it to clear both the history and entry boxes

- the command "del:" deletes all variable and function assignments

Euclideus is an excellent tool for performing advanced analysis on-the-go, where a computer is not readily available.

feel free to give feedback at the following email address:
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