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 Exoclipse 1.4

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Stress signals are being send from the far end of the Universe. We are under attack. Can you protect us? Are you ready to handle the most powerful weapons ever known to mankind?

Travel through the entire Universe while fighting a multitude of enemies from different planets. Our race has never faced so vile enemies. As you make progress you will discover new and powerful weapons, some with extreme destructive power. You will need them, but... are you prepare to handle them?

Keep an eye on your on-board computer, which will provide notification on the structural integrity of your spaceship and weapons systems. This is the latest generation of artificial intelligence and it's only available in the most advanced spaceships.

This will be no simple task, and you have been chosen based on your abilities and skill. Good luck commander!

Exoclipse has 70 fun-packed levels. There are a variety of enemies, each with a specific behavior and attack pattern. Many weapons are available through the game. These were designed based on focus groups and player discussions, with an emphasis on explosions and destruction effects.

Exoclipse was made possibly by all those who provided ideas and suggestion into the making of the "most epic space-shooter ever". Some of the beautiful spaceships on this game were designed by Skorpio. Thank you!
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