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 Exoplanets 2.1.0

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* All available data to all known exoplanets
* Search all planets and stars with planets
* Custom filtering
* Animated orbit visualization
* Explanation of every number
* Find current position in the sky (Augmented Reality)
* Automatically converted units
* Always up to date

Try the free version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.johannes_mittendorfer.exoplanets_free

"Exoplanets" show data about planets orbiting stars outside of our solar system. Even some of the stars we can see at night host some planets around them. Eventually some of the also contain extraterestrial life.

Values like great major axis, orbital period, density, radius and much more are displayed in a easy to use grid. Furthermore the orbit of the planet around it's star is animated in 3D and can also be found with the camera in the sky.

The way of display does it's best to provide scientific accuracy by showing confidence intervals. The units can be customized by selecting a different one among some commonly-used units on the settings screen. The value will then be automatically converted.

A filter system makes it possible to search freely within the data. For instance you can search all planets with a greater distance from the sun of 8 lightyears of a star with a mass of 5 times that of the sun.

The entries are connected, so you can navigated between them easily by tapping at one of the planets of a star or at the star of a planet. The value can be shared via e-mail or social networks as text.

All data are provided by the NASA's exoplanet archive and can be updated when you like to. Everything is still available without a active internet connection.

Feel free to ask questions or just say "Hi": support@johannes-mittendorfer.com
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