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 Extreme 3D MotorBike Racer Sim 9.7.0

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Driving bike in the streets of cities like Mexico, Tokyo, Las Vegas, New York and other metropolis city sounds fun but it never gives the opportunity the riders to perform airborne stunts which can only be performed using stunts pads and stunts ramps. So the user has that chance to go airborne and perform all the stunts inside a controlled stunt city 3D environment where the user will have a dedicated city just to perform all stunts like

🏍️ Wheelie.
🏍️ Stoppies.
🏍️ Burnout.
🏍️ Roll Back.
🏍️ Flip.
🏍️ Extreme Jump.
🏍️ Canadian Spin.
🏍️ Leap of faith.
🏍️ High Cross Jump.
🏍️ Drift.
🏍️ 12 o clock and various other stunts.

A specialized physics engine is integrated in the game so the drive becomes realistic. To make the user experience better one can use NOS, Nitrous, Nitro Boost and Turbo boost. Drive the bike fast and dodge the cop cars and escape the curfew in the city. Dominate every rider in street racing and gain the ultimate reward and unlock all locked bikes like

🏍️ Cruiser Bike.
🏍️ Super Bike.
🏍️ Heavy Bike.
🏍️ Street Racer.
🏍️ Trail Bike.
🏍️ Motocross bike.
🏍️ Dirt bike and variety of other bikes.

Now let us explore some amazing features of the game

🏍️ Specially designed stunt pad and stunt ramps.
🏍️ Ultra Realistic 3D graphics.
🏍️ High Definition (HD) display.
🏍️ Accurate Physics behind the stunts.
🏍️ Multiple controller.
🏍️ Joystick and tilt options.
🏍️ 3D stunt city with realistic environment.
🏍️ No Internet required.
🏍️ No Wi-Fi No Problem.
🏍️ Supersonic fast bike that can defeat any off-road rally race, off-road truck, off-road jeep and racing cars.
🏍️ Unlock various bikes.
🏍️ Accurate suspension system.
🏍️ Real bike movement and stunts.
🏍️ Innovative 3D dynamic camera angles.
🏍️ Multiple camera views.
🏍️ Supercharged nitro boost.
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