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 Fake Call From Yo-Kai Prank 4.0

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lovers it's time to enjoy simulating fake calls from virtual Yo-Kai .! This Yo-Kai . fake call simulator allows you to set fake call from pepa the Yo-Kai . and talk to talking Yo-Kai . on the phone. Now and with this pepa Yo-Kai . fake call simulator you can amaze your friends by personalize fake call from pepa and get calls from pepa the virtual Yo-Kai . and pretend talk to talking on the phone Yo-Kai . on the phone, even your friends will think this Yo-Kai . pretend call is a real call in fact it's just a fake call from Yo-Kai . the Yo-Kai . using pepa Yo-Kai . fake call simulator to have fun with your friends and enjoy making fake calls from Yo-Kai .

play with your friends and you family
you can now talk with Yo-Kai . all time
is from the best girls in the world a fake call from talking Yo-Kai . prank is the ultimate fake call prank from Yo-Kai . is one of the hotest prank apps of all the time that 's live on the store the only thing you need to do is to download it and start prankin all your friends and family member with just a simple click
Want your friends think you are getting call from ben dog the great littel Yo-Kai .
do you realy Want your friends think you are getting call from the funny Yo-Kai . right now?
Do you realy want to prank your family members and sister and brother and friends its really simple ?? try real video call from dog ben and simulate fake calls and more fun things discover it in the app
download this fake call ! Calling Prank help you to select a caller from your contacts list or enter a new contact log rock . One can also choose the time to call and set some false calls for jojo the dancer crazy siwa a different time .
This real Talking Yo-Kai . call prank gives you the option to select duration and set time when you want get fake call from Yo-Kai . and talk to pepa the virtual Talking Yo-Kai . on the phone, You just need to select a duration from the time list and wait a moment to receive Yo-Kai . pepa fake call and pretend talk to the virtual talking Yo-Kai . and surprise your friends. In addition to that our team added funny voices to this Yo-Kai . fake call simulator to make the pepa Yo-Kai . pretend call more realistic and more fun.

talking ben dog fake call video app
call from ben dog is an app from entertainment with your friends with fake call , it give you a fake call from talking ben Yo-Kai . dog .
uncoming call from ben dog , you can set the time you want so talking Yo-Kai . call you .
this is a fake call from talking ben
the dancer ben , Yo-Kai . dog want to talk with you
video call from Yo-Kai . is drom the best applications
you can now dance with boomeran
If you have kids and you want play this pepa crazy Yo-Kai . video call simulator with them, We guarantee to you that this talking Yo-Kai . call prank is a 100% safe Yo-Kai . games for kids that your kid can play and simulate fake call from pepa Yo-Kai . by himself with no worries, and that also thanks to the simple and easy user interface that our team designed this Yo-Kai . pepa fake call simulator with to make you kid play and start simulating fake call from pepa the virtual Yo-Kai . easy and without parent help, to let all kids entertain playing this virtual Yo-Kai . pretend call with pleasure.

Features of Call simulator from Yo-Kai . :
- interface Simple And Easy To Use with some good graphic disign.
- set up the time you want to prank them with talking ben dog fake call prank
- it compinse also other fake calls from fake call prank.
- Customize caller name, caller number and ringtone and The Voice talking of cat tom fake video call prank
- You can make fake calls all you want and receive Fake SMS.

Let's Get it NOW and enjoy talking to pepa the real Yo-Kai . on the phone and amaze you friends!
ATTENTION! This is not a real calling and only an imitation! The app does not bear any harm and is only for fun and stop feeling bord and depressd so don't forget to leave us your feedback please make sure to enjoy it
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