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Battery Fast Charger 10X Is the best android phone charging app is here with battery life saver by showing you battery stats and power usage among the fast battery charging applications. Now a days android phone battery saving is the biggest issue with all smart phones here is the power pro solution of battery saving and extend battery life with battery usage analyzer, the battery monitor allows you to save power battery with in time. Are you in question that app will not charge fast with computer, laptops and car charger?

It is new Fast battery Charger. This is ultra fast charging 5X. high feature battery charging tool 5X. Quick charger in the world is fast battery charger 10X app. 5X charger is supercharger and best turbo battery charger for android mobiles to super fast charging. This Fast turbo charger 10X is also very top ranking app. if you use this quick charger than your mobile capacity will be charger faster. Connect your mobile with charger and start the app Fast battery Charger 10X and get result Faster charger 5X and 10X. This is good quick charger than wireless charger and Electric power doctor.

Battery Fast Charger 10X App has the best solution of fast charging with USB, laptops and pcs even in car. The android phone charging app is the best fast charging app with all devices compatibility amongst the fast battery charging apps and show battery stats or battery percentage apps 2018. Utilize battery the battery backup app will cover up the extra usage of battery through batter saving along with power features to make your cell li ion power pro.

Battery Fast Charger 10X app has the best and fastest laptop to phone charging ability to make your android phone charge fast and keep battery life extend to make you battery pro without any tension. All android phone battery backup serves you in requirement time so forget battery check every 5 minutes with this android phone fast charging app.

Battery Fast Charger 10X is the Battery Saver And Fast Charger Monitor all apps that drain battery power while not in use and remind user about high power consumption apps which is the best app feature of android phone charging app. Indicates how much battery power full will be extended if you use One-Tap smart Battery Saver. Monitor all running-apps power consumption as battery monitor pro and list you the detail to app manager for power protection, Battery Monitor, clearly shows the status of battery life and usage among the android phone fast charging app 2018.

Protect Battery health measures to calculate the actual utility battery usage using and fast charging information from the battery charge controller to extend battery life. Battery usage per app is determined by combining these measurements with information on which app is in the foreground. Android calculates battery usage using pre-baked profiles that device manufacturers provide, like how much power the CPU uses and stop everything during fast charging with low current laptop or USB cable. In practice however, these numbers tend to be highly inaccurate. Battery life Mode - Super long standby power saving mode, sleep mode, custom power saving mode, effective extension of battery life.

Features of Battery Fast Charger 10X:
- All an android phone fast charging
- Battery percentage
- Battery optimization
- Fast charging with laptop

How to use…:
- Install it and it will start performing as power saver pro app
- Automatically detect fast charging
- Boost charging speed with USB and laptops
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