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Some folks go vegan because they do not want to take part in any harm to animals. Some folks do it because they want to live a healthier lifestyle. Most folks who go vegan do it for some combination of those reasons.

But not Fat Vegan. Fat Vegan only loves animals, but wants to consume as much vegan food as possible, with no regard to Fat Vegan's own health!

How to play:
Move Fat Vegan left by tapping the left half of the screen, and move Fat Vegan right by tapping the right half of the screen.

Catch and eat as much falling food in Fat Vegan's basket as possible before time runs out. Set new high scores by consuming as many kCals as you can, and compete with your friends by sharing your scores on facebook!

Keep a sharp eye out for FAT VEGAN foods. These foods make Fat Vegan bigger and able to catch more food at once. They also slow Fat Vegan's metabolism, multiplying the kCal value of all foods consumed, leading to higher scores!

Watch out for SUPER HEALTHY VEGAN foods, like kale. These foods boost Fat Vegan's metabolism so much that Fat Vegan is shrunk back to original size, making it harder to catch as much food at once. They also reset the kCal multiplier, making it harder to set high scores!

Avoid NON VEGAN FOODS, let them drop to the floor! These foods are not vegan friendly, and Fat Vegan will get a strike from the Vegan Police when they are eaten. Three strikes and it's game over!

Set high scores to unlock new and more challenging modes!
-Breakfast of Champions (very easy): Items fall slowly and less frequently.
-Lunch Break! (easy): Items fall a little faster and little more frequently.
-Snack Attach! (medium): Items fall with the same frequency and starting speed as lunch, but they accelerate as they fall.
-Dinner is Served (hard): Items fall at varying speeds, making it even more difficult to avoid non-vegan items.
-Just Desserts (very hard): Items fall at varying speeds AND accelerate as they fall, making it very difficult to avoid non-vegan items.
-All You Can Eat! (challenge mode): Items start falling slowly, but increase in speed over time. After enough time, they will also start falling a varying speeds and accelerating as they fall. There is no time limit in this mode, so consume as much as you can, but after a while it will be very hard to avoid being busted by the vegan police!

Disclaimer 1:
This game is by no means intended to be insulting to vegans, people struggling with weight issues, or any combination thereof. The designer simply thought making a game where the object was to consume as much as possible but only while eating vegan food would be a fun and funny concept.

Disclaimer 2:
This game is by no means intended to be used as any sort of dietary guidelines, for a vegan diet or otherwise. In regards to the vegan foods, the designer tried to opt for foods that are typically vegan by default without simply throwing the word "vegan" in front of it; there may be some accidental cases where some foods classified as vegan are not vegan, and possibly cases where foods labeled as non-vegan are indeed vegan. In regards to foods classified as fat vegan, the designer typically opted for foods that are naturally higher in fat and calories than others; some foods in that category can actually be part of a healthy diet when consumed in moderation. In regards to the calorie counts assigned to the foods, at best the designer did a quick internet search of the calorie counts of typical servings, and at worst they were given arbitrarily.
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