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Have you ever left home or work or gone on vacation and worried that you have not closed all the windows and doors that need to be left secure or worried that you have not turned off or unplugged appliances that could cause harm or be a fire safety hazard such as an iron or hair straighteners? Of course you have!

Final Checks is the ultimate, simplest, free checklist app that can remove those worries, fears and anxieties for you and let you Always Be Reassured when you leave home or work or go on vacation. Final Checks is a free checklist maker that lets you quickly and simply create a photo diary of items you need to check along with the date and time you checked them. You can mark the items, such as a secure door, as checked and save a photo of the closed door that you can refer back to anytime as proof to you and to others that it is closed and therefore safe and secure.

How it works:

Create a new master checklist by tapping the plus button widget on the checklist history screen which takes you to the new checklist screen. Then, if you wish, organise the new checklist by adding, removing or renaming the inventory items you wish to check*

Visit each inventory item you wish to check and take a photo of it by tapping the camera button OR if you do not need a photo you can just mark the item as checked by tapping the red tick button.

Checklists will be saved in chronological (date and time) order in your checklist history which you can refer back to and inspect at anytime. The checklist history holds a maximum of 5 previous checklists and removes the oldest when new checklists are created to make way for the new one.

Product highlights:

- Quick and simple to use free checker.

- Perfect for when you go on vacation so you can prove to yourself and others that you have left your home or workplace safe and secure.

- Photos are automatically saved and deleted as you use the app, no more filling up your photo library and storage.

- Does not require an account or login.

* up to 4 check list items OR unlimited check list items if you purchase a ‘one time only’ in-app purchase which also permanently removes the advertisement.
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