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 FirstPlayer - Grown Up 1.0.1

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*This version includes content not suitable for children*

FirstPlayer is designed to eliminate arguments from the start of tabletop games by randomly choosing things like the starting player, player order, and player colours.

When you’re playing party games designed for adults, start the fun before the games with FirstPlayer - Grown Up.
FirstPlayer - Grown Up includes all of the content of the standard FirstPlayer, with the added bonus of extra content not suitable for children. However you can easily switch between Grown Up and Family Friendly modes, with the option of password protection so you can still use it while playing games with children and not risk them seeing anything they shouldn’t.

There are multiple modes to choose different things:
Prompt Mode
• Get a random prompt stating who the starting player is, such as “The most feminine player” or “The player with the most body hair”
• Add your own prompts to the list, and hide any you don’t like

The following modes have default settings so you can get straight into using them without adjusting settings first, but you can change them at any time.

Touch mode
• Everyone places a finger on the screen, and 1 is chosen at random
• Select 1-5 players (the maximum number of fingers detected depends on the multi-touch limit of your device)
• Select player colours by choosing the colours available in your game (if any aren’t listed you can create your own).
• Player order
• Default setting: Select 1 player

Dice Mode
• Works like Touch Mode, but simulates dice rolls for each player.
• Can be set to use d6, d8, d12 or d20
• Default setting: roll d6

Team Mode
• Works like Touch Mode, but is used to split players into teams.
• Can split into 2-5 teams (depending on the multi-touch limit of your device)
• Will split teams as evenly as possible, or you can specify exactly how many players each team should have.
• Default setting: Split into 2 teams as evenly as possible

Features not available in the free version
• Default Mode - You can choose 1 of the modes as the default, so the app opens to it, skipping the start screen
• Save Settings - In Touch & Team Modes, save the settings for multiple games so you can re-use them quickly in the future
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