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Flower arrangements can always make the heart calm and happy, especially for most women. Therefore, it should not be surprising that from the beginning until now, flower arrangement gift has always been the most popular gift idea for various events, from birthday, wedding, anniversary, or graduation ceremony.

In addition to a series of fresh flowers, artificial flower arrangements from various materials was no less interesting. One of the most frequent choices of people is the artificial flowers that come from flannel. In addition to the beautiful shape, flannel flower is preferred by many people because of soft texture and certainly never wilted.

Flowers from flannel is actually very easy to make your own. You yourself can even make it in less than 10 minutes. Do not believe? Here is an easy way to make flowerless flannels and not spend your valuable time.

Materials and Equipment Required
One piece of flannel (free color!)
Glue shot
Yarn with matching flannel color
Creation Steps
In just 10 minutes you can make beautiful roses from flannel that you have prepared, loh. The trick is not difficult because you just follow the five steps to make flowers from the following flannel.

How to make flowers from flannel

1. Cut Flannel Cloth Shaped Circle
First, you need a flannel with a circle to make a beautiful rose. You can make it with term help. Make a circle with a diameter of about 12 cm. After that, scissor carefully to get the perfect circle shape.

2. Scissors Fabrics Already Cut by Spiral Way
After getting a circle cloth, you still need to cut it spirally. For example, make the flannel look like a mosquito coil. The trick is not difficult. Cut the circle of the flannel out from the outside by circling the circle to the middle.

3. Start Scrolling
Time for you to create your dream flower! Roll the flannel out from the outside until it runs out on the inside. Make the coil tightly so it will not be easily released later.

How to make flowers from flannel

4. Glue with Shoot Lem
Once it is completely rolled up and the flannel shape looks like a flower, do not let it slide. Immediately give the glue a shot at the flower at the bottom end. That way, the shape of the flower will not be unfolded.

5. Strengthen with Stitches
To further convince you that the flowers from the flannel will not be destroyed, you can sew the bottom end that is near the point given the glue gunshot. It does not have to be good at sewing because you are also practicing a basting sewing technique to tighten the artificial flower scroll. And, so the flannel flower is ready for you everywhere!

Is not it hard not to make a beautiful simple flower from flannel? After making a flower with the steps as above, you can create the same in large quantities. After that, you can wrap it into a beautiful bouquet to give to your dear ones or to decorate your living room.
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