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 Flashlights + Torch 2.0

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Apply Flashlight + Torch to your device! The application is incredibly simple and is also a useful flash light application. Your camera's flash (flash) camera will be used as a small light.
The Flashlight instantly turns your device into a real bright light detector! It is an ideal lighting tool that makes full use of the screen light. It supports bright light / blinking mode and is free.
The brightest, fastest, and easiest-to-use searchlight you can ever get! Scout you will not forget to use when you need it!

Flashlight + Torch is currently the best Flash light application in the Android phone market, because:
- Supports various types of devices that have flash for the camera (front flash)
- It also has the brightest flash light / small lamp, because the camera flash light, radiates very strong light in the dark.
- Multiple interfaces have different user elements to choose from
- Its screen lights are wonderful and varied
- It has the best support for flash light
- The best application for tablet phones
- Complimentary
- The brightest searchlight available - Guaranteed!
- Comfortable - On / Off switch light just like using a real scout
- Supports bright light mode / Blinking light - Blinking light frequency adjustable
- Amazing graphics - this is the most beautiful scout you can get!
- Fastest startup.
- Stylish design.
- Bright light mode with sensitive frequency controller.
- Use the camera light.

With its sleekest design and fastest start-up, it certainly surpasses the real scout. Is there more? Bright light is also available! Does this seem too expensive, right? Absolutely! It's totally free! Get your scout now and it will shine at full capacity!

Flashlight + Torch is one of the few free apps in the Android phone market that has several different user interface features to choose from when the device has the front flash option. The Precise Flash application supports lock screens of user interfaces that have been added recently on Android 4.2 or later.
Sources of light:
* Flash Camera Front - Flash light uses your phone's camera to brighten the light. Note that some devices do not have a flash camera. In this case the flash light option will be disabled, however you will still be able to use the screen light
* Screen light - flash light is the main white screen, enough brightness for daily use, you can use it as a main flash light option if your device does not have flash camera or if you want to save the battery.

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Warning lights, police lights, colorful flash light, strong flash light, morse signals, text conversion to morse signals, manual morse signals - camera light - different lighting sources, can be useful in many situations. You can change brightness and color.
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