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 Fly Airplane Pilot Flight 3D 4.9.4

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Fly Airplane Pilot Flight 3D Simulator is a 3D simulator game. The game is very challenging and exciting in terms of missions as the player has to play the role of a pilot. The pilot is responsible to fly a plane in various challenging weather situations, in different continents all around the world. The pilot has to fly his/her plane with his/her whole cabin crew and passenger. The user is responsible for a safe flight, pilot must remain alert of emergency situation and must well be prepared for emergency landing. The user must follow the constant instructions from air traffic control room and control room. The crash landing is not that easy to be avoided as most of the time the pane is nowhere near any airport or runway so pilot must consult with cockpit members and take the decision that is in favor of every single passenger.

Aerodynamics and altitude changes according to the plane like:

👨‍✈️ Jet Fighter(F-14, F-15, F-16, F-17, F-18, F-22 and B-22) is much faster than other plane.
👨‍✈️ Commercial Jet is bigger plane.
👨‍✈️ Private Jet is much smaller Plane to be handled.
👨‍✈️ Civil Aircraft is a decent size plane.
👨‍✈️ Boeing is hard to handle in emergency situation.
👨‍✈️ Passenger Aircraft always put the stakes high.

The pilot must be well informed and equipped to deal with emergency situation. This game provides an ultimately simulated environment which give the experience of a real flight and makes the user that he/she is a real pilot.

Here are few among many highlighting features of this application

👨‍✈️ Ultra Realistic environment of airport and runways.
👨‍✈️ Supersonic flight speed.
👨‍✈️ Authentic controller scheme.
👨‍✈️ Multiple controls with both joystick and tilt option.
👨‍✈️ Over 4 camera views in the flight.
👨‍✈️ Complete 3D camera angle during the flight.
👨‍✈️ Accurate Visual effects (VFX).
👨‍✈️ Accurate physics behind the flight.
👨‍✈️ Complete control panel of a plane.
👨‍✈️ Air traffic control room instructions.
👨‍✈️ Emergency and mayday landing scenarios.
👨‍✈️ Over 20 levels of challenges.
👨‍✈️ Specially designed weather situations.
👨‍✈️ Super HD graphic.
👨‍✈️ High definition display.
👨‍✈️ Guidelines and animations.
👨‍✈️ Attractive and easy to use interface.
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